Sunday, April 12, 2020

OOTM: March coordinates!

Hello! How have you all been? The world has gone crazy, I really hope everyone is managing to stay safe in these harsh times. I have found gyaru to be one of my rays of sunshine during quarantine - I am super grateful for the energy that the community is giving me, with Instagram Lives, challenges and other activities going on. I thought I should start sharing my coords on this blog, so here are some of the looks I have worn in March!

1) My Favourite Tiara

I found this skirt in Mercari and just had to hunt down every colourway. They are definitely my current favourite item in my wardrobe 💜

Top: Gina Tricot ; Skirt: My Favourite Tiara ; Hat: Alba Rosa (2nd hand)

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Shop with me! Spring-Summer 2020 Trends for your Gyaru Wardrobe (Part 1)

Fashion is cyclical: trends come and go, continually reinvented. The bell bottoms that reigned during my childhood are finally making a tentative comeback. The puff sleeves that I thought looked ridiculous in my mother's 80s photos are now delicate and elegant again. It is quite easy, therefore, to look trendy with second-hand items, by experimenting with our styling of them.

With this idea in mind, I have put together several outfits inspired by different gyaru substyles, such as old school or agejo, that follow current trends with pieces selected from sites such as Mercari and Fril. I hope I can inspire you to give new life to old clothes!

According to fashion magazines such as Vogue UK and Harper's Bazaar, these are some of the big trends coming for the Spring-Summer season:


Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Gyaru TV: Sunny, Our Hearts Beat Together (2018)

(Dani from OHNOESDANI also reviewed this movie recently, please check her post!)

I finally watched the Japanese remake of the Korean movie Sunny (2011)!

Sunny tells us the story of Nami, a middle-aged woman trying to reunite her old high school gang to fulfil her friend's wish, and, in different flashbacks, of how she befriended said group of friends (in the very iconic 80s Seoul!). The original movie was very popular in Korea, with various remakes being made (including - uff - Hollywood) , but why would this interest us gyaru?? Well, the Japanese remake decided to move up the high school storyline one decade to, you guessed it... the 90s kogal era!

Monday, January 27, 2020

A weekend with with Velvet Gyarusa!

HELLO, long time no see!  I have been an absolute disgrace when it comes to my plans of reviving this blog, so I am hoping to do better in the coming months! I have been inspired by Georgie and Emi, who blog in the early 2000s casual style about their daily gyaru life and meet-ups (when am I not inspired by Akipoyo gals though?). Lets see if I can keep it up somewhat!

Last weekend I went to visit Velvet gyarusa in The Netherlands! I first met Chris, Ria and Wes during the 2019 Gyaru Jubilee last August, where I shared a flat with them and other gals! They planned a weekend full of activities and surprises, it went by too fast... unfortunately Ria didn't have time to meet us but I hope to see her again soon as well <3

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Spring-Summer 2019 Haul: Alba Rosa, Liz Lisa & More!

Hello gals! I wanted to share my latest haul from Mercari, Fril Japan and some local thrift stores!

I am obsessed with the old school ganguro look from the 90s at the moment, especially the sleeveless top + pencil skirt silhouette, paired with platforms. I have started collecting anything and everything with tropical, hibiscus, or banana leaf prints, with bright colours like teal and yellow, but especially all shades of orange, from corals to burnt orange, as I'm loving its warm contrast with my tanned skin.

You and Me Japan Review: Liz Lisa Floral Skirt

Hello gals!

Today I would like to share my experience with the second hand JFashion online store You and Me Japan (@youandmejapan on Instagram).
You and Me Japan sells second hand Liz Lisa and Swankiss items for a reasonable price. They have a very small selection of items but I think they stock prints that I haven't easily found in eBay stores for example. I had originally ordered this skirt through Mercari, but the transaction fell through, so I decided to test this store instead!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Gyaru-able: Mustang Spring-Summer Collection 2019

Hello gals! I am starting off my new blogging era with a new series, Gyaru-able! Since gyaru is first and foremost about making the latest trends your own, I believe, as other veteran gal do, that with the correct makeup and styling skills you do not need a full wardrobe of Japanese brand to be able to be gyaru. In this series I will feature gyaru-able items from European or Western brands that you might have not known before, which are easier to get hold of for us outside of Japan <3

Today I want to show you the new Spring-Summer collection from Mustang, a Spanish footwear and accessories brand that is known for being super trendy. Their new collection features tropical, hibiscus, and other summery prints which I think are sooooo gyaruable! Mustang is also a Maid in Spain brand, so you will be supporting local business and craftspeople.
Lyra (13€), Manjud (30€) and Acuaria (30€)